Samsung Signal Issue

Samsung No Signal Issue: How To Fix It Without A Cell Phone Repair Shop?

You can see your Samsung phone recognizing the sim card but still cannot see any signals appearing on the screen. Don’t worry, as we have got your back. In this article, we will discuss fixing phone recognizes but no signal Samsung issue without visiting any cell phone repair shop. Try these solutions to fix this issue yourself at home. If unsuccessful, consider hiring professional help from Cell It Here LLC. Our skilled workers have experience handling different mobile phones and can help you get rid of your phone problems efficiently. Moreover, our services are highly reliable and affordable, which is why people love hiring us.

Cell Phone Repair Shop No Signal Samsung Problem Fix

Some of the great strategies you can take help from for fixing phone recognizes but only signal Samsung issues with getting professional help from a cell phone repair shop. These include restarting your device or turning on the airplane mode first and switching it off. Moreover, you can also select your network providers manually. Another great solution is to double-check your sim card and see if it is inserted properly. You can also reset your phone to the factory settings to avoid no signal issues.

Restart Your Device

The simplest solution to fix the no signal issue in your device is to restart. It is not just the easiest but also the most effective solution to this problem. This step will definitely result in resetting all the processes on your device that might be causing hindrances to your phone’s performance. To restart your phone, turn off your device first. After it is switched off properly, please turn it on again after waiting for 30 seconds. Then once the reboot process is complete, see if the no-signal issue has been resolved. Get help from cell phone repair in Steubenville if you face a problem restarting your device.

Turn On The Airplane Mode Turn It Off Again

Another solution is to connect to your service providers manually. For this, turn on the airplane mode of your device. Please turn it off back to rebuild a connection. This step will reset your device if it has lost connection to a signal source. This is also helpful when a weak signal supply to your phone is causing the problem of not showing signals on your screen. To turn on airplane mode, you can go to your device’s settings and choose the airplane mode option. Disabling airplane mode will turn it off. One thing to consider here is that you won’t be able to receive any calls while your airplane mode is on.

Select Your Network Providers Manually

You can also manually select your network providers to help with no signal issues on your device. Finding a good network can also be difficult for your phone to catch proper signals. Make sure to select your network source manually and provide a good connection to your phone. For this, go to the settings of your device and choose connections. Then click on mobile networks from the drop-down menu and tap network operators. You will see different options here. Choose the one that you find the most appropriate. Hire a same-day phone repair service provider if you have problems completing this step successfully.

See The Insertion Of Your SIM Card

You might have dropped your phone somewhere, which has caused a disturbance in the positioning of your sim card. If your sim card is not inserted properly, you won’t see any signals on your phone screen. To check this, turn off your phone, take out the SIM card, and re-insert it properly. Turn on the phone again to see if the problem has been resolved.

Restore The Settings To Factory Standards

You can also restore your device’s settings to factory standards to get help with no signal problems on your Samsung device. But one thing to remember here is that it will delete all the data available on your phone. This includes passwords, videos, apps, and photos. Even after restoring your device settings to factory reset, you are not getting the expected results, and it is better to hand over this issue to a Samsung phone repair store to get the best results.


Hopefully, now you have different options in mind to help you with the no signal issue of your Samsung device. Try implementing these solutions at home to fix your phone issue without hiring professional help. It is better to hire well-known Cell Phone Repair Shop providers to resume the proper performance of your device. You can contact us for your phone repair needs. We have experienced and qualified technicians that ensure to remove problems from your phone completely with high reliability.