DIY or Not To DIY Cell Phone Repair Problems

DIY or Not To DIY Cell Phone Repair Problems

What would you do if your cell phone broke down?

The thing is, it’s normal for you to feel panicked and desire to fix it on your own. You’ll begin searching for ten different ways to fix your smartphone on Google. While it makes perfect sense to consider DIY mobile phone battery repairs to save time and money, there are some damages they cannot fix.

Some home cell phone repairs go horribly wrong when done without the right equipment and training. This results in a cheap and straightforward remedy becoming a costly repair.

We’ll cover several typical smartphone issues that can be fixed at home and certain remedies you shouldn’t attempt at home, only through cell phone repair in Steubenville.

Common Cell Phone Repair in Steubenville to DIY

Liquid Damage or Wet Phone

Liquid damage is one of the typical issues that smartphones go with. The “rice trick” is well known to most people. Sometimes, but not often, this trick is effective. A hairdryer is an additional trick. Using a hairdryer on the phone, slowly apply heat up to 166 degrees Fahrenheit.

Salt is a popular alternative to air drying a phone because it aids in removing moisture. Despite the fact that salt is preferable to rice, we won’t suggest it because it could cause rusting. Applying regulated heat to the phone is the best DIY solution from the list above.

Please take note: Never turn on or plug in a wet phone. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before turning it on.

Phone Running Too Slow

Our lives are now completely dependent on our phones. Phones deteriorate quickly when used aggressively. Try clearing the RAM and deleting any apps that are only idle if your phone is lagging. Remove unnecessary files, pictures, messages, and videos from your computer. You can transfer the files to cloud storage using an iPhone to free up space on your device.

Once the procedure is complete, restart your phone to see if the smooth operation of the device has begun.

Signal Problem

We always accuse the service provider whenever there are signal problems, but sometimes the issue is actually with the device. Typically, dust builds up around signal receivers, which makes it difficult to receive the signal. Overloading of the apps is a second potential explanation.

To solve the issue, a soft, plain cloth can simply wipe away the accumulated dust. Aside from that, unloading apps from the smartphone might boost its overall performance and signal effectiveness.

Common Repairs You Shouldn’t Try At Home

Cracked Screen

One of the most frequent issues with phones is this one. Utilizing a phone with a damaged screen could result in more damage. The chip needs to be changed, even if only a slight displacement exists.

Although you may purchase a cell phone repair kit on your own, replacing the screen necessitates using specialist equipment that the average person doesn’t have in their garage. You risk breaking your cell phone’s internal components if you replace the screen without the right equipment and knowledge.

Customers frequently bring their phones to us after attempting DIY cell phone screen repairs but failing miserably, resulting in the need to replace the screen and other components. It is therefore advised to replace cracked screens with the necessary equipment and training.


Your phone’s heating issue could be caused by software and hardware issues. Try closing the app you frequently use, which also consumes a lot of battery life on your phone. After removing the phone from the protective cover, turn it off.

When your phone feels like it has cooled off, try turning it on to see if it still overheats. If it does, visit a cell phone repair shop for a qualified fix. Do not put your phone at risk by attempting to repair it yourself.

Dead Phone

A smartphone’s battery is more difficult to change than a simple cell phone. It simply means that individuals replace their smartphones before getting their batteries changed.

Several internet video guides show how to change an iPhone battery, but only some are reliable and efficient. You require special equipment to open your phone to replace the batteries. You risk breaking your phone if you attempt to open it without the proper equipment, such as screwdrivers, tweezers, or suction cups.

Broken Back Glass

If you own an iPhone 8+ or a later model, you know these phones feature glass bodies. Although they give the phones a sleek appearance, these lenses also make them more brittle. To prevent harm to yourself or your phone, the back glass on your phone needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

At-home repairs like this are not recommended. Even if you attempt it, you risk seriously harming your phone.

Wrap Up

DIY cell phone repair should be avoided because there will be no guarantee if you break it yourself. Taking your phone to a reputable cell phone repair in Steubenville is considerably safer and wiser.

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