Phone Screen Glitches

Cell Phone Screen Glitching Fixes by Cell Phone Repair Shop

Is your phone acting as if a ghost is continuously touching and tapping the screen? If yes, it might be due to some underlying problem. You must take your phone to a reliable Cell Phone Repair Shop to get it checked. Cell it Here LLC it’s one of the top-rated mobile phone repair shops in the area. We have hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials which show our dedication and expertise.

A physically damaged screen may not even be as unpleasant as this ghost touch problem. To help you, here is a list of recommendations to help you fix the ghost touch problem on your Android device.

Top Fixes for Glitching Screen by Cell Phone Repair Shop

1. Change the phone charger

Surprisingly, problems with ghost touch frequently arise only when phones are connected. If you use a cheap charger or cord, this is especially likely to happen. In essence, these chargers and charging cables have an impact on your phone’s screen digitizer, which is the layer that reads your touch signals.

Charge your phone using a different charger and cable set to see if the issue still exists. This will allow you to determine if the issue is related to your charger. If your charger or cable is the issue, we advise that you swap it out for an authentic model from the maker of your phone. If the issue persists, take your phone to a Cell Phone Repair Shop near you.

2. Shut Down Any Background-Running Apps

Numerous issues can arise from having multiple open apps running in the background. Generally speaking, background processes can result in software errors that can result in ghost touch. Therefore, removing them is an excellent place to start when troubleshooting.

Although the procedure may differ from Android device to Android device, in general, you should swipe halfway up from the bottom of the screen or press the overview button to open the overview panel.

If gesture navigation is enabled, you can clear each application by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.

3. Clean the Touchscreen

You can only interact with the display directly using your fingertips. This implies that foreign particles, like dust from the environment or dirt from your fingertips, might affect the functionality of your screen and result in ghost touch when they are trapped in the screen. To keep your touchscreen clean and free of gunk, clean it frequently. You can clean it yourself or take it to a cell phone repair service in Steubenville.

4. Cleaning the screen

  • Leave your phone off.
  • Use a gentle, somewhat moist towel to gently clean your screen.
  • Utilize a dry cloth to clean it.
  • If your screen is damaged, you might also notice a ghost touch. To prevent cracks or scratches, protect your phone. Follow our advice on how to deal with a cracked phone screen if the worst comes.See whether the problem is resolved by taking off your screen protector. If it occurs, clean your screen before changing the protector for a better one.

5. Give your Device a Break

Your smartphone needs to be functioning at a specific temperature to work properly. Take intervals between uses and avoid using your screen continuously to minimize overheating for your screen to also function without problems.

Avoid using your phone in sweltering conditions, such as in the sun. The functionality of your device is hampered by electromagnetic interference brought on by heat, which could also result in ghost touch.
If overheating is the problem, you should connect to a phone repair that offers same-day phone repair.

6. Always Update Your Phone

As previously mentioned, software errors are infrequently the cause of ghost touch. However, your phone may experience issues with ghost touches due to outdated software or flaws. To address these, make sure your software is up to current on both your computer and mobile devices.

To upgrade an Android device:

  • Go to the Settings app on your phone.
  • Choose system upgrade by tapping System.
  • You may view the updated status of your device. To install any available updates, tap the Check for Update icon.
  • If you find this task difficult, take your phone to a Samsung phone repair.

7. Factory Reset Your Phone

Resetting all of your settings and content to default is another option, supposing your device is up to current, to address software-related ghost touch issues. This will repair ghost touch by removing underlying software issues that are creating it, whether broken software or an unruly program is the source.

Before restarting your phone, you should back up your Android smartphone. This is crucial since a factory reset would wipe all of your data and you cannot get back data that has been deleted.

How to restart your phone:

Go to Settings.

  • Reset the phone by going to System.
  • Press Erase all data.
  • To confirm, enter your password or PIN.
  • Tap Erase all data to begin the reset after selecting Continue.


Ghost touch can be fixed best by taking your device to a Cell Phone Repair Shop. Cell It Here LLC has a solution for all your phone-related problems. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and hit us up whenever there is a slight inconvenience in your phone usage.