Cell Phone Fingerprint Sensor

Cell Phone Repair: Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

Has your phone’s fingerprint sensor stopped responding? Don’t worry we are here for your help. This article will discuss ways to fix Samsung phones with fingerprint sensors not responding. We will share the top fixes to help you escape this situation. If you still have this issue, make sure to seek professional help and visit a cell phone repair shop. Consider Cell It Here LLC for your cell phone repair needs because we have skilled technicians to meet your repair demands.

How To Fix A Non-Responsive Fingerprint Sensor

There are different ways that you can consider fixing Samsung phones with fingerprint sensors not responding. First of all, try removing the fingerprint lock screen from your device. You can also turn off the fingerprint scanner of your phone. Or clear out the cache partition on your phone’s recovery mode. Try taking the help of repair tools to fix the fingerprint problem in your device. Or visit a cell phone repair shop for the best help.

Remove The Fingerprint Lock Screen From Your Device

The first thing you can do to help you with the fingerprint system of your device is to remove it from the lock screen. Usually, you are asked to set a pattern or pin code lock before enabling the fingerprint lock system on your device. This gives you multiple options for opening your phone in case any lock types are not working. You can easily use your password or pin lock to open your phone without scanning your fingerprint. So it is better to remove your not operating fingerprint system from your phone.

To remove the fingerprint lock, follow this short process. Go to your device’s settings and open the biometrics and security section. From the drop-down menu, choose the fingerprints option. Then you will be asked to enter your password, pattern, or pin. Next, click on the registered fingerprint and tap remove. Click on remove again to confirm your decision. After this process, you can add a new fingerprint to your device that works properly. You can also take the help of an Android screen lock remover if you need to remember your password, PIN, or pattern. Or you can take your phone to a cell phone repair in Steubenville for professional help.

Turn Off The Fingerprint Scanner

Another solution is to turn off the fingerprint scanner installed on your device. For this, follow these simple steps. First, go to your device’s settings and click on biometrics and security. Then tap on the fingerprints option and fill in your pattern, pin, or password. Finally, click on fingerprint unlock to turn it off.

Clear Cache Partition On The Recovery Mode Of Your Device

You can also fix the fingerprint performance issue by clearing the cache partition on your device’s recovery mode. This will result in the deletion of the temporary data on your phone. But will keep your permanent data secure. So you do not have to worry about your data loss when using this step. To clear the cache partition:

  • Put your device into recovery mode.
  • Press and hold the power keys and volume simultaneously for about 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold the home, volume up, and power keys simultaneously after you feel a little vibration.
  • Release all the buttons as the Samsung logo appears on the screen.

Suppose you do not have a home button on your Samsung device, press and hold the power keys and volume down button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Then press and hold the Bixby, volume up, and power key simultaneously after feeling the vibration. After this step, release all the buttons as the Samsung logo appears on the screen. After putting your phone into recovery mode, highlight the cache partition and click on enter to confirm your decision.

For highlighting, use the volume down or up buttons. After this step, click on enter to start the clearing process. After this, your Samsung device will be successfully rebooted. Check your fingerprint sensor functions after the reboot and see if they have resumed to normal. If not, then do consider one-day phone repair services for efficient solutions.

Use Android Repair Tool

Use an Android repair tool to get help with your fingerprint system problem. There are different free as well as paid tool versions available online. Make sure to read the reviews carefully before deciding on your repair tool. If this does not help, consider hiring Samsung phone repair services.


These are some great solutions you can consider for fixing your fingerprint sensor issues in your Samsung phone. But if you are still waiting for the desired results, it is better to contact or visit a cell phone repair shop and let them handle the issue. Cell It Here LLC is well known for efficient and durable phone repair services.