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Cell Phone Repair

Offering excellent services in the repairing of cell phones and tablets. We also offer *CASH* to purchase your broken/unused cell phones and tablets. Along with repairing, buying, and selling phones, we now offer pre-paid Verizon phone service with unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $29.99. And we NEVER charge activation fees. The area's #1 tech company.

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310 Main Street
Bridgeport Ohio,

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  1. Fast Repair
    Repairing cell phones at affordable prices. We repair most cell phones in 15-20 minutes, and tablets in around a hour.
  2. Buying old/broken phones
    At Cell it Here we buy old and broken phones at higher prices than our competitors, and give the highest trade in value to your next purchase.
  3. Cell Phones for sale
    We provide a wide variety of new, used, and refurbished phones at prices to fit any budget. We carry Verizon, At&t, and Straight Talk phones that you can use on most service plans.
  4. Free Inspection
    We provide FREE inspection on all electronic devices. Cameras, TVs, Computers, Cell Phones, and Tablets. We provoide virus removal as well as restoring hard drives and back up assistance.

Phones and Repairs

Apple IPhones

Samsung S Series

Samsung Galaxy Notes

We carry and repair all Iphones.
Iphone 6. Iphone 6 Plus. Iphone 5S. Iphone 5C. Iphone 5. Iphone 4S. Iphone 4. 
We carry and repair all Samsung products.
Galaxy S3. Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4 Active. Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 Active. Galaxy S6. Galaxy S5 Active. Galaxy S6 Edge. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. 
We carry and repair all Note products.
Galaxy Note 2. Galaxys Note 3. Galaxy Note 4. Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Motorola Droids

LG Products


We carry and repair all Motorola products.
Motorola X series. Droid Maxx. Droid Turbo. Motorola E series. Droid Razr series. Droid Ultra.
We carry and repair all LG products.
LG G series. G2. G3. G4. V10. LG Vista. Including all other models.
We carry and repair an assortment of other products as well.
Alcatel. ASUS. BlackBerry. BLU. HTC. 
Huawei. Kyocera. Microsoft. Nokia. Sony.

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Our Team
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